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2020.7.05 USM - Bantam Prep Camp - '06-'09 - Boarding Camp - 07/05/2020 - 07/10/2020
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USM Gorham
37 College Ave
Gorham , ME
$1,795.00 - USD
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Hours of Training

Townshend Hockey Bantam Prep Camp


One of the reasons I have included checking instruction into my curriculum is because over the years, every program I have witnessed has simply sent kids out to hurt each other without teaching them how to properly execute the most dangerous tactic in the game.

We teach the proper way to check and we teach the true definition of checking (it s not what most players think it is). Every aspect of checking is broken down into teaching modules that accelerate the learning and confidence of all of our students.

These important checking skills have to be broken down properly to ensure the effectiveness and safety of our young athletes.

Defensive Checking

Every year parents and coaches send their 13 year old children out on the ice to face one of the most dangerous and frightening experiences of their lives...CHECKING. This program teaches contact awareness and confidence.

The program teaches kids how to be safe when playing in the most dangerous area of the ice, along the boards.

We teach the three types of pressure and how to defend yourself from hits from behind and the goon tactics that many coaches are teaching right now to be unleashed on your child.

Research has proven that serious injury rates double once body checking is introduced. Why? Its not the player delivering the hit, its the player being hit that gets the fractured arm or concussion.

This program will arm your child with the tools to reduce the occurrence of such injuries.

Hockey Skating and Compete Skills students will be Taught how to compete for time, space, territory and loose pucks. Most programs simply run players through a series of drills just for the sake of doing drills. We commit our time teaching our students how to compete and compete safely using good defensive tactics and techniques. A large portion of the program will include our Hockey Skating and Checking Skills curriculum which will include drills dedicated to body contact confidence and awareness which is useful for players of all ages. Our Heads up program will be an integral part of our Compete Skills curriculum.